Quality control of joint metal parts

The quality of the joint core tube, the jacket and the connecting seal must be strictly inspected before the joint is assembled. In addition to the size, tolerance and machining accuracy of the inspection project should meet the requirements of the joint drawings, it is necessary to check the interchangeability of the joint and whether the rubber hose used matches, and it is also important to check the surface finish of the core tube and the smoothness of the sharp edges and corners. If the joint metal parts are found to have sharp corners or burrs, they must be carefully trimmed before use, otherwise they will seriously affect the performance and life of the hose assembly.

Due to the potential defects of the steel used for processing, the joint metal parts are not easy to be found by the naked eye. Radial fracture or axial crack will occur during the assembly and compression of the joint or in the hydraulic test. Therefore, the joint metal parts of the same batch should be strictly inspected one by one to eliminate potential hidden dangers.

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