Quality control and inspection of hydraulic rubber hose

The rubber hose used in the production of hydraulic rubber hose assembly must be inspected according to the corresponding technical standards to confirm whether it meets the performance indicators and use requirements of the rubber hose assembly. Pay attention to the following aspects in the inspection.

(1) The size and actual deviation of the rubber hose. Because the inner and outer diameter of the hose and the outer diameter of the skeleton layer will fluctuate, if the fluctuation range exceeds the allowable limit, it can not ensure the balance of the buckle of the hose joint, and the quality of the hose assembly is difficult to ensure. Therefore, for the hose assembly production of the selected hose, should strictly check whether the inner diameter, skeleton layer diameter meets the requirements, the diameter deviation, the requirements can be relaxed.

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Strictly control the operation quality in the process

In the manufacturing process of the hydraulic rubber hose assembly, due to the manual operation, in order to ensure the quality of the hose assembly, the operation quality must be strictly controlled to minimize the influence of human factors.

Quality control and inspection in the process of withholding

Crimping is a key process in the manufacturing process of rubber hose assembly. It is very important to strengthen the quality control and quality inspection in the process of clamping to ensure the quality of the hose assembly.