Strictly control the operation quality in the process

In the manufacturing process of the hydraulic rubber hose assembly, due to the manual operation, in order to ensure the quality of the hose assembly, the operation quality must be strictly controlled to minimize the influence of human factors.

(1) Measurement and cutting of hose length. The measurement of the length of the hose should be accurate, but full attention must be paid to the bending of the hose itself. The length of the hose assembly should be longer than shorter. Because of the internal pressure of the hose

There is a tendency to shorten under use. If the length is too short, although it can be barely installed on the joint, but in use, the hose and the joint will be affected by tensile stress and reduce the service life.

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Precautions for using hydraulic hose

Due to the complex variety and various structures of hydraulic hoses, and the different conditions of use, the service life of hydraulic hoses is not only determined by the quality, but also determined to be properly used.

What are the uses of metal hoses?

Since the main part of the hose is made of austenitic stainless steel, the hose has excellent temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. The hose has a wide operating temperature range of -196-600 degrees.